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Local Internet Marketing

Did you know that your customers are looking for your business online?

We may live in a so-called global environment but the reality is that for a huge number of businesses, it’s the local marketplace that remains crucial to their success.

But gone are the days where we would open up a huge, hernia inducing directory at home to find the nearest butcher, baker or candlestick maker.




Use the Internet to Search for Goods & Services


Search for Local Business on Mobile Device


UK Adults Who Use Social Media


Use Google to Search the Internet

More than 80% of the population use the internet to search for LOCAL goods and services


This is the age of the smart phone, the tablet, Wi-Fi enabled cafes, bars, shopping centres and salons. The internet is not that magical thing on the desktop PC in the living room – it’s a part of our lives everyday, everywhere.

If your business hasn’t got a robust internet presence, you’re potentially missing out on sales